The Parisi Programming

Each program starts with an Evaluation to specify the areas each athlete needs work on. Once the Evaluation has been completed, your athlete will be placed in one of the three classes of Jumpstart, Total Performance, or PEAK. After that, it's time to REACH YOUR POTENTIAL! #TRAINHARDER


The Parisi Jump Start Program utilizes the most up-to-date research to build a young athlete’s physical foundation and improve coordination and self-esteem. Our signature speed and strength training methods are serious, but all within a fun and friendly environment to ensure the young athlete is engaged and motivated to give 110%. Ages are 7 years old to 12 years.


Speed is a learned skill, and Parisi Speed School is the place to learn!

           Total Performance

​The Parisi Total Performance Program utilizes the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as it foundation. This program uses our signature speed and strength training methods and cutting-edge coaching techniques from certified Parisi Performance Coaches to produce maximum improvements in athletic performance. At this level, programming is broken down into an individual focus per session. Ages start at 12 years and go up to 18 years old.

           Elite Sports Performance

Focus: Training focused on unlocking an athlete’s full potential

Parisi Elite Sports Performance transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ability. This program focuses on the regression and progression of our signature speed-training methods. At this level, certified Parisi Performance Coaches use their knowledge and experience to individualize strength training for their athletes based on their abilities and specific goals.


           P.E.A.K: Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge
The Parisi PEAK Program was created for athletes who aspire to compete at the highest levels. The program focuses on each individual’s needs and desired improvements for his or her specific sport. PEAK has an intense focus on specific strength and speed training techniques centered around an athlete’s individual needs, recovery, nutrition and regeneration. The training is unmatched in its intensity. Ages 7 years and up. Small group training. Up to 4 athletes.




The Parisi Speed School is bringing you the latest HIIT/WOD/CIRCUIT Training! Everything from the Active Dynamic Warm-Up to the Team Building Drills will be a part of this class. If you are looking to challenge yourself and start the process in becoming a better YOU, then join us and lets get started!?

Why wait!? 

           TEAM TRAINING


Have a team that you want to get better as a group? Build trust and camaraderie with the Parisi Speed School. Through a Series of Classes, the Parisi Speed School will help build that trust through competition, drills, and team working exercises. Whether your looking to grow your team as a unit or just trying to get ready for the upcoming season, give the Parisi Speed School At Exygon a call!

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