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Parisi Testimonials

Kaitlin softball at Liberty

"I started going to Parisi the summer after my freshman  year of playing softball at Liberty University. I can only say I wish I has started sooner! The commitment of the coaches and the quality of the workout that I receive on a daily basis is something I hold with high value. To me, Parisi is a family of coaches and athletes with a love for excellence and a drive to absolutely grind every day to be better mentally and physically... Forever grateful for my Parisi Family!"

Kaitlin M. 

"Parisi makes me run A LOT faster! I get excited when i    beat the boys!"

Makenna W.

Makenna W Testing 5-10-5
kaitlyn J.jpg

"Kaitlyn has been in Parisi for a little over a year and has come such a long way in her agility, speed, and strength. Not only has it helped her mentally but also has helped her self esteem!! She is much more positive her daily life and we re so grateful and blessed to have the wonderful Parisi coaches guide her through this. They are supportive of the kids and strive hard to be the best they can be both physically emotionally and positive in their life. Thank you to Ben, Anisa, and Dylan for being there for my daughter!"

-Amber Juneau 

“From the moment we met Coach Ben we knew that Parisi was a perfect fit. In the year since starting the program Ellas speed, strength and confidence has increased dramatically. We plan on making Parisi a permanent part of Ellas development”

- Jessie Sumner


"Working out at Parisi has helped me get much stronger and faster. The workouts are hard, but the trainers make it fun! It's really helping me become a better athlete!"

Blake Walker

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